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In the beginning, I’m honored to be running such a huge company with various branches so easily and successfully due to a powerful team owned by the company who has the same aim of mine and share the same dream, to raise our company’s name between the stars.As we have a lot of activities in various branches we adjusted a service code to be followed by all our teams wherever they are to be up to the mark with our customers’ expectations relaying on their well training, experiences and the powerful management handling every single detail, putting it in the proper order to catch the perfect image at the end.Finally I hope that my company will be an asset within the Qatari Market and that my teams will be asset to our customers.

Our Slogan is: “Proficiency, Accuracy & Smart”

Our experience

Lightening Systems
Sound Systems
Photography & Video
Interpenetration Systems
Staging Systems

What we are good at

Our management it has sufficient experience to provide the best service with the highest quality with our integrated staff , and its consists of engineers, technicians, and workers with the best experience to organization and management a lot of events and that gave us the sufficient experience to provide the required quality for our customers .

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ATS  well known as the first company to use the WIFI interpretation systems in Doha..more

ATS known by its lightning department relying on the highest quality of equipment..more

ATS is known by its powerful sound systems either the power speakers “Yamaha” or  “JBL” with wide mixers..more

ATS always impress its clients and competitors with uniqe staging systems..more

We are capable to cover any events in the field of video shooting and photography..more

We are capable to cover any events in the field of video shooting and photography..more

Our Experts

Tariq Oudanoni

Lightning Specialist

Amro Hassan

Financial Manager

Sami Qattoush

Sales Excutive

Radouane Mali

Support Section


Electronics Specialist

We are proud to work with

Mainly our satisfied clients are mega ones whom depends on us as they know that is fault factor in our policy is 0% we are proud to provide our services t ministries and mega corporations .

Al-sharq Media
Qatar Binladin Group

Happy Clients

  • General Manager at Al Emadi Electronics

    Mr. Khalid Al Emadi
    General Manager